Monday, April 14, 2008


We stopped having our trash and recycling picked up a few years ago when the price went up to $24 a month. We now take our garbage and recycling to the waste management station and it cost us between $3 - $6 a month. It doesn't cost me anymore for gas because I combine it with other trips that are in that same area. I'm able to recycle more items at the station than I was allowed to put out at my house. (More variety) I purchase bags for $3 that hold at least 2+ weeks of our family of 6's trash. (You have to have your trash in their bags and be able to tied it shut when you bring it back.) We compost food scraps as well.

From what I've read we are pretty lucky to have this option, I guess most people don't. It can't hurt to call around and check though, because most people that live around here don't know you can do this!

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