Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My House is a Disaster!!

I have read so many posts by other bloggers over the past few weeks about simplifying their lives, I decided to finally get serious about it myself! I come from a family of pack rats, and although I have fought with this my whole life and had plenty of up and down moments, I really thought I had it beat. I've even been ridiculed for having yearly to bi-yearly yards sales and hauling stuff to the Salvation Army frequently, but there's always so much more left in the house! A family of six in a tiny house with no basement really has to have a use it or lose it attitude!

This week the kids are off for spring break, and not only have we been systematically going through the house room by room, drawer by drawer, but I also intend to have a yard sale Thursday and Friday. That means everything has to be priced and set up by tomorrow night! This morning, my house looked like it had been picked up and shook, but by this evening it all started coming together. While the sale is going on we intend to do a thorough spring cleaning from top to bottom, including washing all the bed linens and curtains! Have four kids, three of which are in high school, has been a wonderful blessing this week. They all cleaned out, and got rid of, so much more than I thought they would (willingly!!). We are gong to need a vacation, after this "vacation".

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