Friday, April 4, 2008

Torn Between Being Frugal and Being Green??!

I LOVE free stuff! Free food, free cloths, coupons for free anything, and of course free samples. The choice is easy when my son and I are walking around Sam's Club and enjoying our free Tapas style lunch, sometimes we even get juice! The problem is the samples I get in the mail. I love getting great stuff in the mail. I go to Twisted Branches and Spoofee almost every day, and am currently checking out 2 more freebie sites to set if they warrant daily or weekly visits. I use all these great little finds as gift basket fillers, stocking stuffers, extra special little treats for the snack jar, and even for myself. I always seem to have some great shampoo and conditioner sample in the shower. I have discovered some great products this way, and have even bought full sizes of some products. (When it was on sale and with a coupon of course!)

So here is my dilemma, the over packaging. I feel so guilty when I get a 1 oz serving of cereal in a metallic type bag, in a little box, with additional product information in with it as well. Or even worse and little antiperspirant sample, with all the little plastic bits and pieces needed to make it, also in a little box with additional papers. I hardly even use antiperspirant, which makes me feel even more guilty. (FYI I use a Crystal stick!) I even gave up free samples altogether for awhile, because I was getting everything I possible could and ended up with stuff I could never use or give away. This was last summer when I really started getting serious about being more green and also lowering my utility bills as much as possible. About a month ago the I started back to my old habits, but with a bit more forethought about the ones I chose. Even though I recycle it, I still feel bad about the packaging. I welcome anyone else's opinions on this matter.

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