Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Testing, 123 Testing

Well, I really haven't a clue as to what I'm doing!! Hopefully I will soon be able to look back and realize it was all very easy to master. I am starting this blog for many reasons. First, I've always wanted to be able to share my frugal ideas and tips with anyone and everyone who wants and can use them.
Second, I wanted a place where I could organized all these scraps of paper clogging my desk and random pieces of information floating around in my head. This will be a much easier way to share my information and recipes with friends and family as well. No more typing up emails and/or cutting and pasting info! Yay!! Maybe I'll be able to use my desk for ... well, desky things!
My third reason might be the most important one of all, and one I wasn't even aware of until I read it on another blog. I am hoping that having an outlet for my never ending and sometimes uncontrollably racing thoughts, I'll be able to give my husband some piece and quit. After working and eleven hour day and then picking up and dropping of kids, the last thing he wants to hear (no matter how much he loves me) is how I was able to make a fabulous meal for .74 cents. Well, that he might be interested in, but you get the idea!

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