Monday, August 24, 2009

Deja Vous Church Sale Haul Part 1

Ever have one of those days when you look in the mirror and see your much younger self? I'm talking to the over 40 girls now! I just love it when that happens, as it did this morning. It usually occurs when I am feeling particularity happy, and I'm all smiley and glowy. So why am I so happy today you might ask? I am going to Ithaca. I go at least twice and month for the food pantry, and that doesn't get me excited - that's work. Today is the last day of the Unitarian Church sale - everything is .10. Yes, everything is a dime!! Last year I got 47 articles of clothing for $4.70, plus I picked up some free stuff as well. Oh yeah, I also picked up a bunch of LP's that I melted into bowls, forgot about that! Mostly I look for t-shirts for the scrubbies I sell, but I found some other great stuff as well. Mr. Left Brain Thinker and I are taking Shorty (youngest boy) with us, and I'm taking them both to Ithaca Bakery for lunch - Yummy!! If DH wasn't going, we would go to The Commons, but that's not his cup of tea. Too college town hippie for him haha! I will take pictures and post about my finds - that is if I get out of here and go!!

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