Monday, August 24, 2009

Church Sale Haul Part 2

-2 camp stoves - to donate to Boy Scouts
-metal lunchbox - for an altered arts type project
-7 books - for projects (they will be ripped apart mom)
-Spanish computer course - Shorty wanted the microphone
-Never opened puzzle - for art projects
-Sponge Bob Typing Computer Program
- 2 books of post cards - for trading on Swap-Bot
-2 hats - mine still had $34.00 tag on it
- 3 little dishes - for condiments like sauce for Chinese dumplings
-Orange melamine bowl for fall
-2 new packages jingle bells- to put on hand made ornaments
-ski pole - Shorty wanted it for a walking stick
-10 shirts- guitar hero shirt still had $9.99 tag on it
- 1 mans sweater

wait for it

1 mans
toupee! - for our costume tote - the kids do a lot of volunteer work with the Youth Bureau and library - you just never know!

Grand total = $3.60

Afternoon with Shorty and Mr. Left Brain Thinker - Priceless! (He made me say that-really)

And by the way, lunch WAS yummy!

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