Friday, September 5, 2008

Washer still Broken Now What?

The part we replaced was just a symptom of the original problem. I researched reviews last night and found out my Kenmore 80 Series Super Capacity Plus washer is a big fat LEMON! Now we are faced with a big dilemma, sink another $200 plus (in addition to the $35 we just paid and the original $400 plus for the machine) or spend $1,000 we don't have for a high quality front loader. I read the reviews for Fls last night as well, and I'm not really impressed with most of those as well. One thing for sure, this time I'll get the extended warranty. I hate those warranties because I think an appliance should last more than 1 - 2 years anyway! My last Kenmore set lasted 14 years aside from a few inexpensive parts towards the end. It might still be working for all I know. I would welcome any advice!

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