Saturday, September 6, 2008

He Provides!

God really is so good! I was talking to my SIL about my washer issue. Last year she bought a new FL set and still had her old washer sitting in her basement. Is is almost exactly like ours, and she said we can have it! I often find myself concentrated so hard on what we need and want that I forget to give thanks for all the little necessities God provides every day. Last year I became active in a reclaimed food pantry, and I also started couponing and stockpiling like crazy. At the time, these actions weren't necessary to our way of life. They did, however, allow us to get some of our debt paid off. Since then our income has dropped significantly and if it weren't for the actions of the past year, we would be up a creek right now! He knew what was coming and provided in advance what we would need, and He is still providing!