Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Box

I have always been fairly successful at putting on a yard sale. Even though I've had a few that bombed, usually due to bad timing such as a storm or a holiday weekend, for the most part they have faired well. I think one key to success is generosity. In the past few years I have always had a FREE BOX, and in this year's case I had three! I have always given things away at my sales, a toy to a sweet little kid, extra baby stuff to an expectant mom, or just knocked the change off the sale's total. It all depends on the person, the circumstance, and my mood at the time!! The free box serves many purposes. It is usually items that I would have otherwise thrown away, not totally useless items, just not sell able. For example, a slightly melted on the corner spatula, a backpack with a broken zipper, a stack of Taco Bell cups headed for the recycle bin, magazines, stained clothing, and toys or games that are missing pieces, to name a few. I place the box, or boxes, at the back of my sale so people have to come through everything to get to it. Often people will see it just as they are turning to leave, and often people will make a purchase after rummaging through the free box and taking a few items. I started doing this because I hated the idea of just throwing items like that in the trash and I think it makes my yard sale "junky" if I put them out for sale.

Here's a couple other quick tips for a successful sale. Use bright pink poster board for your signs, if it is allowed where you live. Place a quarter box by your checkout area. I had two this year, one filled with small toys and the other household items. After customers put their items on the table for me to tally up they will rummage through the boxes (or let their kids) and will spend an extra buck or two. Another bonus is I don't have to price and find room for all those little things. Lastly, Thursday and Friday are the best days for a sale. I MIGHT consider doing Saturday again, but NEVER Sunday.

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