Sunday, June 21, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted since April. My life has been crazy busy! Between homeschooling, working, going to the gym (more about that later), Little League base ball, being a mother of 4, a wife, and running a household, I haven't had time for anything. I have two girls graduating from high school this month, and there has been a lot of end-of-the-school-year banquets, as well. I feel like I'm running a marathon every day and then I just crash. When I finally have the time to do something enjoyable I don't feel like doing anything! Well, I'm done with work for the summer, and the girls graduate next week. The graduation party isn't until the middle of July, and that will be a piece of cake. So, finally I feel like I have some time to get done what I need and want to do.

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